Juelz ~Genie~ Jaker #16: June 2005

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hilarious Videos

Well i'm finally back posting again. It took me a minute trying to get all these new features your seeing on my site. Soon I will be adding 1-3 pictures per post including my old posts and maybe a radio blog, so you can listen to musiq that you yourself can pick while reading this site.

Anyways I have some very funny videos. Some are hilarious, while others are graphic. Be prepared to be shocked!

Psycho Rap
World's Youngest Rapper! Lil' Maxso
Mini Beyonce
Another Lipsynching Duo
Swearing Kid
Pimp Kid
Dream Girl
Deepthroat Breathing (NSFW)
Kid Faints at Spelling Bee
Innocent Bystander?
Guy jumps in front of a train
Losing Weight (Graphic)
Milk Shake (Very Graphic)
Bear Attack
Very loving cat
Granny flies after dog
Does a chicken run with its head cut off?
Beer Bitch
Words Hurt
Innocent Girl
Alien Girl
P Diddy's Pepsi Truck
Destiny's Child Blooper
Ashlee Simpson on SNL
Ashlee Simpson Booed off Stage

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